MSP succeeds in registering the position mark “red dot” on the wheel hub for commercial vehicle axles for SAF Holland Group

SAF Holland Group is one of the leading and globally operating companies in the field of manufacturing complex, high-quality components and systems for the truck and transport trailer industry, in particular for the semi-trailer and bus industry. For decades, SAF Holland Group has used a “red dot” on the wheel hubs as a distinctive mark for its products.

For a long time, this identification sign indicating the origin of SAF Holland’s products was not protected by a registered trademark right. Now, however, MSP has succeeded in having this identification sign protected as a position mark for SAF Holland Group.

On 26 April 2022, SAF Holland Group, represented by Müller Schupfner & Partner, filed an application for registration of the position mark “red dot”, which is positioned on the front side of the rotational axle of an axle unit of a commercial vehicle, in particular on the hub cap, for goods in Class 12.

Despite initial reservations by the German Patent and Trademark Office not to proceed with the registration due to absolute grounds for refusal, MSP was able to obtain the registration through a well-founded argumentative presentation. Therefore, after final examination for absolute grounds for refusal, the position mark “red dot” was
provisionally registered on 18 November 2022 under No. 30 2022 106 595 as follows:

Clemens Bauer           Dr. Nikolai Köllisch      Katharina von Seydlitz
Patent Attorney           Patent Attorney          Attorney-at-Law