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Copyright Law

Copyright Law is more than the right of the creative person. It forms the legal basis of the music and film industries, publishing, art and architecture, but also of the software industry, databases and other commercially used works and performances of a creative nature.

Anyone who invests in intellectual content wants their works protected against unauthorised use and imitation. We support you in protecting your copyright claims and, if necessary, enforcing them in court. In doing so, we develop a copyright strategy for you that is appropriate and tailored to your needs and advise you on the drafting of contracts to secure claims and on the granting of licences.

However, copyright issues are also brought to the attention of companies that are not creatively creative themselves: starting with the design of the company website, the use of own company content, music on hold, advertising videos, graphics and texts, up to the in-house dispatch of publications. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in finding innovative solutions to the challenges of the ever-changing copyright law and assertively defend your interests, also before the German courts as well as in complex cross-border disputes.