Technical areas

Life Sciences

Life sciences, the so-called biological sciences, are a field of research that deals with processes or structures of living organisms and plants and are as diverse as life itself. Apart from biology, they include related fields such as medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, bioinformatics, human biology, but also agricultural, nutritional sciences and food technology. The methodological work and theoretical tools are often decidedly interdisciplinary. Our patent attorneys, especially those with a background in chemistry and physics, are used to working in an interdisciplinary manner and have the corresponding experience, among other things because we regularly supervise R&D teams composed of experts from a wide range of disciplines.

Whether it concerns the purification of blood products, the extraction of natural substances for cosmetic applications, prosthesis materials, biogas plants, fertilisers or research into active substances in the field of medicine, we are at your side with advice and support if you want to protect your inventions worldwide or want to know whether you infringe a third-party patent when you intend to market a certain product in Germany.