Technical areas


Physical laws form the basis of many modern inventions. For example, many medical treatment and imaging methods rely on the properties of ionizing radiation as well as electromagnetic or mechanical waves. Inventions in the fields of communications technology and renewable energies also require a profound understanding of the underlying physical interconnections.

We consult internationally operating technology corporations as well as research institutes, universities and start-ups in the process of drafting, filing and enforcing their patent applications in a wide variety of fields of physics. Our physicists with PhDs bring in their technical expertise, among other things, in the fields of medical technology and medical imaging, metrology and sensor technology, satellite technology, optics, interaction between light and matter, functional materials, and acoustics.

As a matter of course, we ensure that each patent application is handled by a specialist in the respective field, so that your patent offers the broadest possible protection against imitators. To make this possible, we thoroughly analyze the functional mechanisms of your invention and formulate the claims in such a way that they also take future developments into account. At Müller Schupfner & Partner, you work with attorneys who combine the scientific and the legal knowledge required in this process.