Technical areas

Mechanical Engineering

The development of plants and machines based on theoretical and practically acquired knowledge represents a milestone in human history. Since the development of the earliest tools such as the hand axe or the hatchet, machines have simplified the economic and personal lives of many people and businesses.

Particularly in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, innovations not only represent an opportunity to enter new fields of application, but can also contribute significantly to the economic success of a company or a product. The rise of the German mechanical and plant engineering industry as a best-seller in exports is largely based on the inventive spirit of its engineers. For this reason, especially innovations in the field of mechanical and plant engineering need to be protected by intellectual property rights.

At Müller Schupfner und Partner, we consult not only major stock corporations and research institutions, but also medium-sized and small enterprises or start-ups, e.g. in the fields of vehicle construction, connection technology, household appliances, packaging technology, electromobility and building technology, aiming to protect their innovations and intellectual creations. Due to many years of technical and legal experience, our patent attorneys with a background in mechanical engineering are familiar with the requirements for drafting, obtaining and enforcing your intellectual property in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.