Dr. Matthias Vogt joins the patent attorney team at the Munich office

Munich, 17 February 2023 – Müller Schupfner & Partner is pleased to welcome Dr. Matthias Vogt as a new member of its team.

Dr. Vogt was admitted to the German Patent Bar yesterday. Dr. Vogt has already passed his patent bar examination in December 2022 with above-average results. “We are very pleased that Dr. Vogt has completed his training as a patent attorney with an outstanding performance and that we can welcome Dr. Vogt as a new professional in our firm,” said Dr. Reta Schinkel, the partner responsible for Dr. Vogt’s training in the firm.

Dr Vogt started his training as a patent attorney at the firm of Müller Schupfner und Partner in 2019 after completing his physics studies at the University of Würzburg. During his training at Müller Schupfner und Partner, Dr Vogt was also able to successfully complete his doctorate in the field of physics in 2020.

Dr Reta Schinkel     Dr Nikolai Köllisch