Nils Kahlcke

Chemist ∙ Ph.D.
German Patent Attorney
European Patent and Trademark Attorney




2018  Associate at Müller Schupfner & Partner
2018  Admission as Patent Attorney
2015  Ph.D. in Chemistry at The University of Auckland, New Zealand
2011  Internship at BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany; Preparation of novel fungicides and pesticides
2011  graduated in chemistry (Dipl. Chem.) at Free University of Berlin, Germany


Nils‘ day-to-day work includes all areas of IP, i.e. patent examination and appeal proceedings, drafting of patent applications, trademark law, employee invention law, licenses and non-disclosure agreements and contracts on cooperation in R&D.

Nils studied chemistry at the Free University of Berlin and at the University of Heidelberg. His doctoral research which he conducted at the University of Auckland / New Zealand concentrated on the development of Novel Divalent and Irreversibly-Binding Ligands for the CB1 Cannabinoid GPCR.

Technical Areas

  • Agrochemicals
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical compositions
  • Medical technology
  • Chemical system and process technology
  • Graphite
  • SiC ceramics
  • Textile processing technology
  • Foundry engineering
  • 3D printing

Legal Expertise

Supervision of patent applications in examination procedure worldwide, drafting of patent applications, opposition and appeal proceedings before the patent authorities, trademark applications, trademark oppositions


  • FICPIFédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle
  • EPIEuropean Patent Institute


„Divalent Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Ligands: A Linker Attachment Point Survey of SR141716A for Development of High-Affinity CB1R Molecular Probes”
Grant, P., Kahlcke, N., Govindpani, K., Hunter, M., MacDonald, C., Brimble, M., Glass, M., Furkert, D.; Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2019, 29(21), 126644.

„Tricarbonyltechnetium(I) and -rhenium(I) complexes with N′-thiocarbamoylpicolylbenzamidines”
Oehlke, E., Nguyen, H., Kahlcke, N., Deflon, V., Abram, Ulrich; Polyhedron 2012, 40(1), 153 – 158.

„Triflic Acid Catalyzed Reductive Coupling Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds with O-, S-, and N-Nucleophiles”
Gellert, B., Kahlcke, N., Feurer, M., Roth, S.; Chemistry – A European Journal 2011, 17(43), 12203 – 12209.