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More than ever, the effective legal protection of innovative ideas is the decisive factor for economic success in all industry sectors. We offer fast, effective and long-term solutions and assist our clients in the development and implementation, as well as maintenance and defense of their portfolio of Intellectual Property rights.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law has an extensive technical and legal knowledge at its command and is therefore able to provide effective and comprehensive advice in all areas of Intellectual Property.

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Panel on "How to protect your business through trademarks and designs" with participation of Müller Schupfner & Partner

At the joint project of 4iP Counsel and INTA on the occasion of World IP Day, attorney Mascha Heidelberg will be one of three speakers focused in particular on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). […]

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Follow-up to the ECTA ®ETREAT

This year's ECTA ®ETREAT workshop on "TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS: CASE LAW OF THE EUIPO BOARDS OF APPEAL AND OF GERMAN COURTS" was again successfully moderated and co-organised by Müller Schupfner & Partner. […]

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MSP organises and moderates the ECTA ®ETREAT online workshop

Müller Schupfner & Partner organises and moderates the ECTA ®ETREAT "TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS: CASE LAW OF THE EUIPO BOARDS OF APPEAL AND OF GERMAN COURTS" online workshop 2021 […]

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IP News


ECJ - LEGO wins step by step, registered European design remains protectable

This decision is precisely not an explicit confirmation of the protectability of the registered design of the Lego brick but is based on mistakes of EUIPO in its invalidity decision. […]

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T0517/16 Generating a Source Code

A claimed technical effect may be disregarded in the assessment of inventive step if it cannot be considered plausible for the claimed subject-matter in its full scope and is not made plausible in the description. […]

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Oral proceedings as video conference

Since January 1, 1998, i.e. for 23 years now (reference in EPO Official Journal 12-1997, 572), the European Patent Office (EPO) has established a communication system which allows oral proceedings before the EPO to be held by videoconference. […]

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