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Protect Your Innovations Ensure Competitive Advantage

More than ever, the effective legal protection of innovative ideas is the decisive factor for economic success in all industry sectors. We offer fast, effective and long-term solutions and assist our clients in the development and implementation, as well as maintenance and defense of their portfolio of Intellectual Property rights.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law has an extensive technical and legal knowledge at its command and is therefore able to provide effective and comprehensive advice in all areas of Intellectual Property.

Law firm News


JUVE Handbook Commercial Law Firms 2020/2021: Müller Schupfer & Partner among the recommended law firms for trademark and design law

JUVE Verlag für juristische Information [publishing house for judicial information] ranks Müller Schupfer & Partner among the recommended law firms for trademark and design law in Germany. In the current edition of the „JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien“ ["JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms"] the editorial staff emphasizes the "decades of tradition in patent and trademark prosecution" and writes: "In addition, the lawyers are constantly expanding their litigation activities in trademark and design law. [...] The partners are well networked internationally, however, the basis is formed by an impressive number of medium-sized company clients, which MSP usually supports in all IP matters". […]

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Handelsblatt lists Dr. Georg Schupfner again in the rating "Germany's Best Lawyers 2020

Dr. Georg U. Schupfner, patent attorney and managing partner of the law firm Müller Schupfner & Partner, is one of "Germany's Best Lawyers 2020". In the rating published on 26 June 2020 by the renowned Handelsblatt, Dr. Schupfner is mentioned in the list of the best attorneys in Germany in the field of intellectual property. […]

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Müller Schupfner & Partner named amongst Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms by Financial Times

Müller Schupfner & Partner have been recognized by the Financial Times in the most recent list of Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms. […]

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IP News


International Convention on the Enforcement of Mediation Results

The Singapore Convention, formally the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, entered into force on September 12, 2020. It offers parties the opportunity to enforce international agreements reached through mediation to settle disputes across borders. Up to now, the parties involved were dependent on voluntary compliance with the agreement reached and otherwise had to initiate enforcement through legal proceedings in the respective state of enforcement. […]

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Bundestag paves way for the Unified European Patent Court

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, the Bundestag approved the Federal Government's draft law on the Convention of February 19, 2013 on a Unified Patent Court. […]

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German Federal Supreme Court: "Data Packet Conversion”

In the recently published decision in the patent nullity action "Data Package Conversion", announced on August 11, 2020, the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) discussed the question, whether a nullity action is admissible, if it is directed to an independent claim on the one hand and further to independent or dependent claims on the other hand. The plaintiff in the nullity suit was sued by the defendant of the nullity action in a parallel infringement proceedings based on the independent claim (but not the dependent claims) and the patent expired in the meantime. […]

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